12 January 2006


Well...being blessed with wonderful weather, and a snowstorm on my heels...I made good time. I've decided to name the bus "Sofia", which means wisdom in Greek. She seemed to know the way, and teach me a few lessons along that path. Met up with Sagebrush and his lovely wife at a truckstop in Wyoming for a late evening cup of joe (hot chocolate for me)...I can say that JD has a voice like chocolate and lisa has the eyes and demeanor of a doe deer. I could have stayed longer and visited, but the road beckoned and I had kept them up past their bedtime. I'm certain that JD can spin tales that would be absolutely mesmerising with that voice of his. A human talking book. That night I slept fairly comfortably in Sofia...even though the temp was one degree above zero F when I awoke. Headed on to Thermopolis for a soak in the hot springs, a steam bath, a sauna and a bit more of a soak...followed by an ice cold shower. I was wide awake. Four hours to cross the Big Horn Mountains at 10,000 foot Powder River Pass...and a storm on my tail. I stopped as I began my climb up the mountain...left the engine running, but needed to pee in an out of the way place. I locked the door behind me for some reason, leaving both sets of keys, my cell phone and my wallet securely locked in the bus. German engineering taught me how difficult it was to break into the bus, without busting a window. A couple of oil riggers stopped and helped out with various tools, but none of us could get in. Using their cell phone we called a locksmith in Worland...with no answer. Called a mechanic who said he'd be out in an hour or so. An hour passed with the engine running in the bus...I just had a sweatshirt on, but the temp was falling with the setting sun. The female rigger returned to offer me the warmth of her truck while we waited for the mechanic. I suggested we call the locksmith again. He answered and said he'd leave straight away. We phoned the mechanic to tell him not to bother coming out and he said he was still an hour or two away from making it there anyway. Little Bill, the locksmith, showed up...(one of Santa's elves moonlighting)....jovially pumping cuffs that you'd place around your arm to check your blood pressure...they forced the top of the door open just enough to get a hooked wire down inside and flick the latch up...voila! Yay Bill...Yay Rosie (the rigger)...Nice folks up in the mountains of Wyoming...I was off and made it across the pass to Buffalo in time to find a place to set Sofia up for the night.

Winter is passing

It has been since autumn that I’ve written anything.  I feel...no, I know that a coup has been stag d in this country. But, from my vantage...