24 April 2011

I love how Easter is so connected to the rhythms of the Earth...I'm not certain how many folks know that it is a lunar holiday...celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox. It is a time of rebirth, of fertility...thus the symbols of the rabbit and eggs. Happy Spring to all, regardless of how you celebrate it.

22 April 2011

Good Friday/Earth Day

This grouse flew into my shop window a few minutes ago, breaking it's neck and causing it to shed its life. There wasn't much meat on it, but he did leave us a couple of nice breasts to dine on this evening. Thanks.
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16 April 2011

███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE.
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03 April 2011

Life in a sane world.

I understand addiction...but I also understand choice. Drugs should not be something that are so expensive and difficult to get that someone feels as if they need to shoot and rob you to pay for their habit. If we lived in a sane society (which, deep in my heart, I believe is really possible) we wouldn't have crime and punishment, hatred and spite, greed and avarice. I know that societies of people existed that way in the past...perhaps even today in some out of the way place...but because there isn't intrigue, weapons of war, murders, and hatred...they aren't heard from...in antiquity, what they lived with and loved with have disappeared, leaving no records. History (not herstory) is kept as a record of wars...sorry, I'm a tangential thinker. But, we should respect and care for our elders...and love our children...and share, our work and our play.

As the world burns

Vietnam: As an advisor and liaison I lead native troops but nonetheless was looked upon as the "supreme local power", way too muc...