20 February 2012

Santorum, on 'Face the Nation', said that Obama's world view placed care of the Earth and natural resources above human needs. "The Earth is not the objective, Man is the objective, and I think that a lot of 'radical environmentalists' have it upside down."

Dude...what are you breathing?

Besides, you just dissed my Mother.

Hot Chile Pepper Water

Mahalo James...had a shot of this chili pepper water while on Kaua'i...

6-8 small red chilies, serranos or thai
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
2 sliced garlic cloves
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon minced ginger (optional)
2 cups hot but not boiling water

Put first 5 ingredients into sterilized jar. Pour hot water over mixture, let cool down and flavors infuse for at least 5 hours. Cover with tight lid. Refrigerate.

Jeff Beck featuring Imogen Heap - Blanket 1080p

12 February 2012

Sunday morning service...

Dolphins corralled a school of fish out in front this morning, birds diving on a feeding frenzy...blow holes and flukes of humpbacks shooting water a bit further out...the waves crashing on the shore, the sun shining brightly while the spinners jumped out of and into the surf.

There's my mother, there's my father...there's my church early this Sunday morn.

Whether woods or waters, mountains or prairies...beauty and love surrounds us...none are so blind as those who cannot see.


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The River

upstream from white sand beaches are hamlets, paddies and canyons bombshells unexploded, cratered land, cratered faces  mangled extremities...