03 September 2007

Selling Out or Settling In?

I've been hurtling through the universe, nestled in this underground cabin, for the past 23 years...Outhouse, handpump in the kitchen...a photovoltaic electrical system which has been augmented over the years. Tomorrow we dig out the west side of the house and begin 'The Project'...an addition which should turn out to have interior dimensions of 8 and 1/2 by around 13 feet or so...really depends on how easy/difficult it is to tuck whatever we can into the space...a bathroom, complete with running water and an on-demand hot water system...tub/shower/stool/lav...and a laundry space for a washer and dryer...friend coming by at 0800 tomorrow...with his digging machine. Another truck coming with 1 and 1/2 inch rock...and yet another truck coming with lumber and materials. Hope to have it buried and 'disappeared' within the month. Perhaps we'll have a hot tub bath for the winter solstice (dare I say before the solstice?)... Perhaps our laundromat visits are coming to an end. I'll keep y'all posted with all the details as time goes by.

As the world burns

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