06 February 2009

My Idea For The Stimulus Plan...Obama, take note!!

I believe we can make a quantum shift into a green era, but it won't be through bi partisanship... I thought of an answer to the proposed stimulus plan...We have 435 fairly equally populated districts in the USA...each represented by a person in the House. The Republicans are being obstructionistic, ideologically they still believe in fairy tales like 'trickle down'...Give each congressional district a billion dollars to use as they see fit for infrastructure, work projects, or tax breaks for corporations...That's 435 billions of dollars. Then, take another 400 billion dollars and allow the federal government, under Obama's administration, to stimulate demand through creating jobs, etc...that Obama wants. Win-win...see what happens. See if the Republican districts all of the sudden become more affluent...and create more jobs...or if the working poor in those districts lose more jobs...and become hungry and angry.

05 February 2009

The Hunger Moon

I've had as many as 17 deer here at one time this winter, that was on New Year's Eve...so it seemed like a gathering of sorts. Generally we have 13 deer visiting, with a hardcore group of 9 of those being individuals I recognise (and have named) and who recognise me... For the past couple of weeks I've heard wolves howling in the forests...not close, but not distant either. Two weeks ago during a snowshoeing trek on our trails we happened upon big cat tracks (I've seen a mountain lion here in the past). The day before yesterday I saw no deer...and the evening was eerily quiet...not a sound of anything moving...every critter in the woods stealthy and on guard. Yesterday 3 of the friendliest deer showed up, the three that are always together...we call 'momma', 'black ears' and 'nubbins'...but they were fidgety and nervous. No sight of anyone else. Today, of those 3, only momma and nubbins came by...but oh so wary...nubbins dashed away after only visiting for a few minutes...ears back and the hair on his withers up... The group have split up...cautiously lying low...The Full Hunger Moon is coming.

04 February 2009

Genetic Defect Destroys Earth!!!

Common chimpanzees and bonobos (the other chimps) have 24 pairs of chromosomes...we, on the other hand, have 23...it seems somewhere along the line pairs 2 and 3 fused... The three species have very similar skull formations at birth, although homo sapiens sapiens maintains that structure pretty much intact without many changes, while the chimps structure (and other apes) change and mature. I submit that fusing of numbers 2 and 3 chromosomes is a birth defect which is genetically inherited, and took humans away from the natural order...and kept us 'locked' in mental infancy...where the universe revolves around us and we break everything that's put in front of us, and fight, kick, scream and throw tantrums...once humans reach sexual maturity they reproduce with abandon...decimating other species (some of which were used for food) into extinction...and destroying the 'playpen', the earth. And like children, humans live in constant fear of when 'daddy' will get home, and take off his belt to punish us. Please bow your heads in prayer.

As the world burns

Vietnam: As an advisor and liaison I lead native troops but nonetheless was looked upon as the "supreme local power", way too muc...