28 April 2008

Listening to the radio...abandoned stores in strip malls across the country, people can't afford earrings when they can't afford food or gas...linens and things going belly up...they named a litany of store closings...and then, they talked about one area of retail that is prospering. High end retail...luxury cars, diamonds...luxury homes, booming sales...airplanes, yachts... The Republican trickle down economic theory. The rich get uber wealthy...and the rest of us get pissed on. Trillions of dollars of debt fueling these crony capitalist tax cuts... With food prices escalating we may have no other choice but to "EAT THE RICH"..."Let them eat cake" has been transformed into "let them make fuel from corn"... What will you do with your 'economic stimulus check'? A bribe borrowed from China and Saudi Arabia, increasing the debt...and causing the dollar to fall ever lower against other currencies. War profiteers should be indicted for treason.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Based on my Myers-Briggs personality type I am an owl, not surprising: INTPs are analytical and thoughtful individuals who prefer to wor...