09 October 2009

Obama's Nobel Prize

I believe this award was as much to our country as it was to Obama the individual...that we have removed barriers against such overwhelming odds to not only elect a black man who has the ability to be a transformative figure..but in that election transformation came. To the world, Obama is much more, perhaps, than to us...we are here and now...too myopic to see what is...and what could be. The world gave us, as well as President Obama, an honor...can we prove we are worthy of the honor? Can we work together to transform our society into one of true compassion? Can we leave our imperial past? Can we, as a community, pull together instead of pulling apart? It's time to leave divisiveness and hatred behind. Can we do it? Or will we balkanise and turn against ourselves? "A house divided cannot stand." Time will tell...and the time is now.

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