02 June 2010

There is a simple solution to our complex problems

Here's an extract from a prescient article by Michael Klare, from 2007: 

On Tap: The Tough-Oil Era

"There is, however, a second aspect to peak-oil theory, which is no less relevant when it comes to the global-supply picture -- one that is far easier to detect and assess today. Peak-oil theorists have long contended that the first half of the world's oil to be extracted and consumed will be the easy half. They are referring, of course, to the oil that's found on shore or near to shore; oil close to the surface and concentrated in large reservoirs; oil produced in friendly, safe, and welcoming places. The other half -- what (if they are right) is left of the world's petroleum supply -- is the tough oil. They mean oil that's buried far offshore or deep underground; oil scattered in small, hard-to-find reservoirs; oil that must be obtained from unfriendly, politically dangerous, or hazardous places. An oil investor's eye-view of our energy planet today quickly reveals that we already seem to be entering the tough-oil era. This explains the growing pessimism among industry analysts as well as certain changes in behavior in the energy marketplace."

There aren't any simpler solutions to this complex problem than conservation and implementing very tough efficiency standards...and curbing our population. Each of us hold responsibility for this problem. Everytime you take that unnecessary trip, or 'joy ride' a 4 wheeler...or buy produce that has been shipped across the country or (worse yet) from outside our borders...everytime you leave those lights on...everytime you buy plastic, disposable garbage products from places like WalMart...everytime we thoughtlessly stumble through our lives as if nothing we do means anything. We need to not just slow down our consumption of anything but locally produced goods and services..but put the brakes on.
Living life more slowly is good for us. Study war no more.

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