14 July 2010

I'm dismayed, to say the least.

A friend, who is an author and veterans' advocate, just reported to me about a Marine she has met, who served one tour in Afghanistan and three in Iraq and has four purple hearts and TBI.  Five of his unit have already committed suicide and two were KIA in Iraq.

How many have suffered through this mess?  How many lives shattered?  How many illusions created?

How long does the insanity of war need to continue?  We are a nation which produces fiat money and war, and not much else.  The citizenry are called consumers and (for the most part) are satisfied with being entertained.  

Meanwhile, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could be a doomsday event.  

Sanity is socially defined, but I know of no 'civilised' societies which are sane.  

My heart is heavy today.

If I was young I believe I'd go feral.

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