26 January 2011

We're all frogs in the water in this country to some extent...unable to see the world from other perspectives, believing we are the be all and end all of the world...and everything is about us.  Well...it's not.  We make it about us by instituting ourselves into some world wide manifest destiny, or monroe doctrine...even Carter had a doctrine to protect 'our oil' in the persian gulf...really.

I found it easier to forgive the people who were shooting at me, laying booby traps for me, trying to kill or maim me...once I left their country and stopped killing and/or trying to kill them.  I've forgiven them, but I find it difficult to forgive myself.  Even though I returned, our national interests send others in our name to foreign lands to kill in the name of our 'interests'.

I was a government whore when I was in VietNam...we all have become the government's whores, now.


BigAl said...

Most of us have thought that there are things worth dying for, not many wonder what is worth killing for.

lostinthewoods said...

Continuing our lives in the belly of the beast, feeding on the fat of other lands, stoking the stove which gives the beast steam...like tiny mitochondria.

Complicit, but unaware, or uncaring...energy from the spoils.

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