19 February 2011

Let's Get Real About The Budget(s)

There should be a general revenue budget...separate from the payroll tax funded social security budget.  They should never have been rolled together to mask deficit spending...thanks Reagan/Greedspan.  Look at social security separately...there are very easy fixes for it.  It's off the general revenue table.  Medicare also has its own tax system...take it off the table...treat it separately.  There are fixes for it, as well.  Now, look at the general revenue budget...the amount the current military and past obligations for the military and other defense related nonsense is obscene...that includes Homeland Security, the intelligence agencies...VA, retirement pensions, civilian contractors..ad nausem.  Now, let's submit a general revenue budget which deals with these budget busting items.  Wars and Daddy Warbucks.  What Eisenhower warned us about.  The Military/Industrial complex..and the banking industry.

Wanna get real about the budget?  We need to collect monies from the uber wealthy...400 people in the USA have more income than the bottom 50% of workers combined.  Employee pensions are busted and the shortfalls on public employee pensions need to be made up by the states.  Why?  They were invested in criminal mortgage backed securities which has caused this national and global calamity.  Are these criminals in jail?  No...some of them are amongst the 400 richest people in the country.  Their tax rates?  Long term capital gains..15% marginal rate.

American workers need to come together in solidarity and demand an end to this criminality.  We've been divided and conquered too long.  Wake up!

Don't let the folks who are becoming wealthy 'representing' us, frame the debate and dictate to us.  Koch Brothers and Corporate personhood...and The US Chamber of Commerce (who believe outsourcing jobs is good for America...yeah...the American wealthy).  Can we put a corporation in prison?  Can we execute a corporation?  No...but we can go after the people who run the corporations.

Time to bust these large trusts.  Teddy Roosevelt, where are you?

Thanks for listening.  Pass it on!!

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