26 March 2011

How to transition to a clean energy future

The best bridge is efficiency and conservation.  We can save 5 times as much as we 'need to create' simply by putting people to work making efficient appliances, redoing our idiotic grid, decentralizing systems, doubling CAFE standards, insulating houses, building smaller, efficient structures instead of these massive glass behemoths...turn off the lights visible from the moon...install pv panels on every roof that has a solar exposure, micro hydro which does not interrupt spawning or flow of rivers, geo thermal, tidal, wind...we have a wonderful opportunity to accomplish these things now, we have the workforce idle and raring to go...we have unused manufacturing capacity...we need to return to the optimistic "can do" spirit instead of the doom and gloom we've been hearing.  Instead we have conservative morons and liberal pussies in Congress...which gives us a representative government of moronic pussies...time to get off of our asses and get something done.  

Or perish.

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The River

upstream from white sand beaches are hamlets, paddies and canyons bombshells unexploded, cratered land, cratered faces  mangled extremities...