05 November 2011

Voodoo economics, as it was once called...or 'trickle down', 'supply side'...hasn't worked. Instead it has given us massive debt over the past 3 decades. Reagan more than tripled the national debt and raided the SS trust fund that he set up with the aid of Alan Greenspan. That doubled the taxes on the working class. It's time for all the inequity to stop. If necessary, return to the tax policies of Eisenhower, which paid off our debt from WWII, educated a returning veteran population, spurred a growing middle class. A time when one wage earner was enough, benefits were good, college was affordable, and family vacations were possible. My dad was a bus driver and we received all these benefits, plus he had a good pension when he retired. Time for millionaire's making their opinions known to end, as if they are the Oracles at Delphi...they've been wrong for thirty years and longer. It's happened before in the 1890s, the 1920s, etc. All of this worthless paper that is floating around the globe is killing many nation's economies. Derivatives, speculation, CMOs, sliced and diced bs. Some suggest that over a quadrillion dollars in derivatives are afloat. That is more than the world economy's GDP.

The Military Industrial/Big Pharma/Medicine/Insurance/Banking complex is overwhelming the citizens of this nation while they chortle all the way to the Cayman Islands or Dubai.

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