03 January 2012

Two years ago I was walking in the woods on our trails when I spied an animal ahead...I thought maybe it was a feral dog at first, a golden lab or something...as I got closer, pacing the animal, perhaps 20 paces behind with the wind in my face...I noticed the black tip on the extremely long tail. I knew in that instant that it was a mountain lion. Continuing to follow it for another 100 paces, it veered to the right around some alder brush...as I came around the bend there it was, broad side to me with a beaver kill it had on the trail...obviously from earlier. Now 10 paces from me, it's eyes caught mine. The hair bristled on my neck and in a flash (seriously) of three bounds it was far out of sight. Powerful animals. And this one was an adolescent, beyond it's spot phase...but not yet an adult.
This past summer some neighbors (a half mile to the north) were out on their deck watching a doe and her fawn who had just come out of the woods...in a flash a mountain lion (perhaps the same one?) appeared, snatched the fawn like a housecat would a mouse, snapped its neck and walked away. The doe snorted and pawed to no avail. They called me and asked me what they should do. I suggested to be quietly amazed and careful, for that's why we live where we do.

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