11 July 2012

I smell the putrid stench of mendacity. Brainwashed by Fox News, workingclass conservatives refuses to accept that Republicans are attempting to rule by fiat and are waging war against the poor, which is why Republicans vigorously oppose consumer protection rights, public workers, collective bargaining, middleclass payroll tax relief, and, in general, any legislation that would jeopardize the continuation of an exploited, marginalized, debt-strapped, undereducated and permanent class of low paid workers. Republicans are using abortion, gay marriage, religion, immigration, and the lie that America is broke to trick misguided conservatives into supporting the republican agenda, which calls for the destruction of the middleclass. Republicans routinely back legislation designed to keep workers subjugated and oppressed. Mitt championed TARPto protect Wall Street, but opposed the auto industry bailout, which employs 400,000 workers. The republican aristocracy opposes any kind of regulatory oversight that would interfere with corporate fat-cats benefiting from exploitive capitalism, which is why Republicans want to abolish the EPA, FAA, FDA, and Departments of Agriculture, Transportation, Interior, and Education. While Republicans portray themselves as deficit hawks, they have historically supported giving enormous subsidies and tax breaks to corporations that routinely pink slip Americans. Just like feudal lords, Republicans require a formidable army to protect their financial interests, which is why they defend and would never cut the defense budget, which accounts for $3.9 trillion of GDP. Republicans want to keep America divided by class, which is why they vehemently oppose any legislative action (state or federal) that will elevate the standard of living for those Americans struggling to extricate themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty.

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