05 May 2013

The significance of Cinco de Mayo

Today is not Mexican Independence Day, as many believe (that is 16 Sept)...but the 5th of May in 1862 was a victory over the French exerting dominance and imperialism over the Mexican Army, many of whom were indigenous...a victory in the face of great odds...they won that battle ( La Batalla de Puebla )...but lost the war. However, there are many historians who believe that if the French had not suffered such a defeat they would have been able to aid the Confederacy in securing their ports and changed the course of our own Civil War.

So if you are going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Food, beer and margaritas...remember that we all can win small victories in the face of great odds...and keep on keepin' on...I'll toast to that.  And I'll toast to the Mexicans who helped to secure our national unity...remember, divided we fall.


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