05 July 2013

A more representative government...where we all participate

We certainly need some changes to the way we elect our representatives...gerrymandered districts by political operatives skew the numbers, having only two choices getting all the media attention is stifling. Instant Run Off Voting as they have in Australia, New Zealand and even many US municipalities allow a person not to 'waste' their vote. and would even allow a third or fourth party candidate to win the election.
I agree with preparing locally and gathering community...the true meaning of the second amendment (placed due to fear of a powerful standing army) is that we all are the militia, we should train together as communities...have our arms at the ready and know how to use them in the case of extreme emergencies.. It would eliminate most crime if everyone in the community knew and trained with everyone, it would end the divisiveness of 'the other'...a well regulated militia is essential to the security of the state. Not a bunch of people running about helter skelter thinking they are an island...me, me, me...nor do we need militarized police forces and storm troopers.
I'm a combat veteran of VietNam...I worked as a liaison with ARVN Rangers and local militias called Rural and Popular Forces. I know of what I speak. WE DO NOT WANT CIVIL WAR...I do not wish that on anyone. War is terrible, war is insanity.

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