16 November 2013

A Clarion Call

 Dr. William Catton's qualified speculations have been for a long time that the global population will be approx. 10% of current levels by the end of the century. and that has evolved to now broader discussions in a much larger consensus of science to the "NTE", the Near Term Extinction of most mammalian species , including us within 30 to 40 years. I suspect that the reason this is not discussed openly and weighing on the general population because it's far too large and scary to contemplate. I would imagine the social construct would disintegrate in a flash and the chaos is too much to consider. The Great Spirit has a very large "soul harvest" unfolding. When the Union of Concerned Scientists published their "Warnings to Humanity" in November 1992 about the potential consequences of the destruction of our biosphere.. it barely made the news. Here it was on the 12th page of the paper while the front page was concerned with a hockey franchise debate.. a collective archetype walking willingly towards a disaster of immeasurable and incomprehensible scale.
~Ronald Douglas Bunston

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