04 January 2017

Be cautious of your sources, lest you be swayed by propaganda. Find your own way home.

We get caught up in monikers and labels...I'm much more conservative than most conservatives, much more libertarian than most libertarians, much more progressive than most progressives and much more liberal than most liberals...how can that be? Well...it's like someone identifying as Christian. Do they mean evangelical christian, christian identity movement, liberation christians, christianity which has gay ministers, christianity which condemns same sex relationships as of satan, christianity which believes the earth is 6000 years old, or christians who believe in evolution. Through distortion...Mother Earth becomes Mary, the mother of Jesus who was born near the winter solstice...pro-paganism...pro-pagan-da...Ambiguous, distorted, easily twisted into any propagandist stand one wishes to take.
Be cautious of your sources, lest you be swayed by propaganda. Find your own way home.

Conservative me is smart not to want to destroy the earth, but conserve the natural and honor the Earth...Liberal me knows that we need social programs, especially in a nation as diverse as this...to pull people out of poverty, create livable, affordable, sustainable urban conditions...greening them as we go, public transportation, bike trails, decentralized schools walking distance, better neighborhood medical triage...taking the opposite track, destroying the Earth for short term gain, turning our backs on the plight of poverty and inner cities, further centralization of grids and medicine, more specialization is a recipe for disaster, civil unrest, neighbor against neighbor, factionalism, blurring of lines...

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