17 August 2018

From a long ago classmate of mine...a conservative.

Security Clearances Primer: When my husband retired from The Pentagon, he kept his super secret top security clearance. It allowed him to continue his classified work in what we call "The Dark World" of classified programs for Defense protecting those who protect all of you out there reading this. He met with Generals, Congressmen, testified in Washington before committee's, etc. about the work on classified programs. He may be retired but all that classified information still resides in his head. The Armed Forces committee could call him tomorrow to come testify about any of his programs. His colleagues can consult with him. Just because he retired, doesn't mean the programs he led ended. There is one and only one reason to revoke a security clearance- the individual in some way failed to keep their security oath. I won't bore anyone with the ways that can happen but suffice to say, criticizing the President is NOT one of them. For all of you who keep cheering Trump on no matter what he does, stop and think how you would have responded if President Clinton, Bush, or Obama had abused their power this way. Few of you have any idea of the national security damage and the risk to our intelligence and other sectors he just caused. But we do at our house. Wake up People! This is what dictators do. They silence people who speak out against them by whatever means are at their disposal. What's next? Jailing people? He has crossed the line and it doesn't matter what the state of our economy is or our job markets or your 401K. This is an assault on the institutions that protect YOUR freedom.

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