16 October 2019

From a friend in the late 80s still relevant

This Mongrel Diarist
is  voluntarily  disenfranchised
from the enveloping unfolding paradigm.
I am in cultural introversion
considering a chaos of questions
from mongrels, heathens, pagans
and other diverse earthlings.
I seek understanding of the
pathologically driven, alien abducted, genetically modified and hypnotized
collective of mongrel slaves of Empires.
This is all crossing
☞    Bridges of Chaos     ☜
in the oft prophesied and frequently maligned
 ☞  Unfolding Dark Age.  ☜
I’m pondering such aforementioned questions here at
The Home of the Marginally Dysfunctional and Voluntarily Disenfranchised
where I am the janitor and an occasional volunteer for
The Whimsical Gardening Club
 in the service of
 The College of Industrial Salvage
I feel responsible to encourage and inspire similar musing within
☞ The Church of the Wholly Unconvinced  ☜
That they would consider the advice of
☞ The Sceptical Omega Brotherhood  ☜
 of the Apocalypse
and such other Alone Rangers... in caves... smelting words ...
into silver bullets to dissolve weapons of mass destruction..
while encouraging
Einsteinian tools in Newtonian realms,
 Quixotic and Arthurian goals
of noble and passionate earthlings
to build revolutions without bloodshed
in unfolding wilderness garden-cities.

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