04 February 2010

The Decision is ours...live, laugh, love!

I'm gettin up into my 60s...but I shouldn't see that as a hindrance. Scott Nearing decided on his 100th birthday, as he carried in wood for the cook stove, that he'd had enough of life and he was ready to head to the other side. He decided to fast from food from then on...he was frail and thin...lying on the couch with his head in Helen's lap...when he decided to fast from water as well...it was a matter of a day or so, with Helen stroking him on the head and telling him she'd meet him on the other side, that he passed away...12 years later, when she was 91, she drove her old pickup truck into a tree on the side of her rural driveway...I guess she'd had it too. Full lives and loves they both had lived and loved...time to move on.

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Winter is passing

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