14 February 2010

White Out Conditions on Interstate 80

Multiple jackknifed semi tractor/trailers...multiple cars involved in accidents. The highway is closed. I'm stuck in a motel somewhere in Nebraska. Much of the snow conditions are caused by high winds and ground blizzards. I live in the woods...never see this where trees can stop some of the effects of the wind. Weren't there shelter belts put in place during the depression to save soils and to prevent this kind of nonsense? Now there are miles and miles and miles of farm fields, exposed. Back to the future, folks.        
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Melanie Williams said...

I hope you get where you're going safely!

It drives me crazy out here on the eastern plains of Colorado that they don't put up snow fences to keep the snow from drifting over the roads. It wouldn't be so bad if all of the farmers left stubble in the fields or planted cover crops, but mostly they don't. All winter long you watch the topsoil blowing away, or when it snows you watch the snow drift over the roads, making driving treacherous for everybody. It just makes me crazy. Yeah, you'd think they might have learned by now. :-(

lost in the woods said...

I crossed through bare fields, dry...no snow cover. Apparently a lot of sugar beets are grown where I passed. I'm backed against the mountains now, crossing at Eagle's Nest/Angel Fire...where I'll stop for a few moments reflection and then onward to Taos...with a solar powered radio station, earthships...and a great music scene...and, perhaps, most importantly...hot springs.

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