28 March 2010

Spring at Lilac Farm

We have raised beds in our upper and lower gardens, but I am thinking it would be nice to have a kitchen garden right outside the front door of the house. With that in mind we've placed two cedar frames where we find them pleasing and easy to access...next steps as the temps warm up, which I will further chronicle, will be to lay newspaper down thickly in the frames, some leaves of straw, organic cattle manure from a friend's place, and compost...perhaps a bit of green sand, some alfalfa meal, and some kelp. Then stick some hoops of wire and some 6 mil poly to warm the beds...and plant...at this time we plan on greens, herbs, etc for immediate use. Trumpeters have already made territorial claims and the waters are being freed of ice. It's very early here for gardening, but not for planning. We have one small hooped bed planted to very cold hardy greens as of this writing...perhaps you can see it to the right of the front door, along the stone work.
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