24 March 2010


Trumpeters are back on the pond, Canada Geese are honkin' up a storm, grouse are drumming rhythmically...the stream is flowing freely, little shoots are poking their tiny heads out of the soil. We have the upper garden hooped and warming up. Flats are started in the greenhouse off the front room (to be moved into the greenhouse at the studio/lower garden the first/second week in April or so)...We're planning on two pigs in the lower garden, which will require some cross fencing...planting half with last year's left over carrots/beets/rhutabagas/brassicas/lettuces/mustards, etc...and running the pigs in the other half to clean up the remains of the buckwheat from last falls till down. Then, switch. Plant the half that the pigs were in similarly and let the pigs have at the growing stuff. We are sharing chores/costs with another couple who will get one of the pigs.

Cheryl and I are discussing building an animal shed up here, near the upper garden...for a couple of milk goats, layers and next year's pig...how much of that will get done depends on our stamina and attitude, of course.

For now, we've 'built' a miniature hoop house right outside the front door, planted with mescluns...seeds are shown.
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