08 October 2011

Just a couple of reasons

Canning and preserving season is upon us.  We've got most everything stored away in the cool pantry, or (in the case of onions, garlic and squash) hanging around the house decoratively.  I love living in the art of friends and nature, a personal gallery...I also enjoy having the animals of the wild around, from the omnipresent deer to wolves, cougars, owls, eagles, swans, geese, squirrels and chipmunks...grouse, wild turkeys...I consider all of them friends or acquaintances and allow them as much space as they need.  In turn I insist the same from them.  We're in the season of visitors and harvest gatherings, which plum tuckers me out.  I begin to look forward to the end of deer hunting season mid-November, the snow settling in...the smell of pine and birch incense in the morning fire.  A time for playing guitar, writing, planning, thinking, dreaming, baking, cooking, music and wine...the quiet of winter, the comfort of home.  To be shared with the one I love...and she loves so well.  Thanks for all of this.  I do appreciate it all so.  

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