21 October 2011

We truly live in a world where up is down, black is white...The Republicans have used trickle down since Ronald Reagan and given us this huge debt...they fight wars that last for years and years, with great loss of life (Americans and civilians)...and yet they accomplish little while touting "mission(s) accomplished"...no bid contracts to their cronies like Halliburton (Cheney) of billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars...trillions...and Halliburton moves their corporate headquarters to Dubai. Criticize Obama for whatever you wish...but look for the real truths. Obama has accomplished more in this 'war on terror' and Arab spring movement than his Republican predecessors could have dreamed. I recall GW saying, "I don't even think about Bin Laden anymore"...because he was incapable of accomplishing his stated mission, to get Bin Laden at all costs.

Watching the Republican debates...the immature bickering...only proves that the only adult running for the presidency this cycle is Obama. Get the do nothing obstructionists out of the way. Republicans and blue dog Democrats alike. Vote them out in 2012.

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Winter is passing

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