08 December 2011

True story.

When I was camping on my land three decades ago, planning and building my homb (a combination of home and womb)...I was visited by an angry 'neighbor' who lived across the stream from me, on 640 acres. He was also a bit inebriated. I invited him in for tea...he asked what it was that I'd built on his land by the water. I was puzzled but realized he was referencing some willow branches pulled into a dome, covered with blankets...my sweat lodge by the swimming hole which I used for rejuvenation, meditation and bathing. I was certain it was on my land, but that was a bit nebulous...rather than argue I just explained the nature of the 'beast'. He was so interested...and looked around. "This is what I always wanted to do, take an axe into the wilderness and carve out a home". He left after a bit, much calmer. I got back to working. A couple of hours later he showed up again. This time with tapioca pudding he'd made himself, while drunk. We enjoyed it together.

A couple of years later he and his wife split ways, he actually did move to Alaska and carved out a log cabin with only an axe. Now perhaps I am to be blamed for splitting up his family...or complimented for helping a fellow find his way to his true path.

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