22 April 2012

On This Earth Day

Get in a conversation with some and you'll hear that environmentalists love the creation more than the creator...that we are misanthropic, rather than concerned about behaviors which are destroying the earth for all of us, big and small...4 legged, winged, finned, crawlies, plants, trees...and the earth herself. Some have begun the mantra that if you are concerned about the environment you hate America and wish to see it fail, rather than the truth that we hope for a world which is in concert with nature, which is sustainable, at peace, efficient, loving...and concerned for not just 7 generations ahead, but 10 thousand generations...we now have koyaanisqatsi, a world and life out of balance. Sanity and insanity are socially defined and I'm concerned we've got it all wrong. On this Earth Day. Take the time to watch.

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