28 April 2012

Solar Shower, continued



Goldenrod jumps from the frog, while I take pics of the continuation of the solar shower project.  Completed the rooftop mount (have yet to connect the water above the shower head valve...we'll be able to add/mix cold water in through the same hole the water exits into the shower)...have our mini mouth radio with the "big sound" for music, etc (it's am/fm/sw...and has a line in for an iPod, or mp3 player...it's situated so we can use it whilst in the shower or in the garden)...have a light inside the shower should we need it...and Cheryl's brother's girlfriend made an etched piece that fits very nicely on the north wall by the door, giving a view of the tub and the outhouse in the distance...spring cole crops are in, asparagus is sprouting (we've had two cuttings thus far), a new asparagus bed is dug on the north side of the garden, mescluns, carrots, beets, parsley, cilantro, and other such seedlings are up...the cloches are warming beds for peppers, eggplants, okra and other warm soil lovers...we have a large area for tomatoes being prepared (those tender plants are still a month away from planting, but are doing well in the greenhouse)...considering it isn't May Day yet...we've gotten a lot accomplished.
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