23 June 2012

Every time a Democratic President gets in office, the Republicans trot out their 'fiscal responsibility' mantra in the form of tax cuts for the wealthy and spending cuts for the middle class and poor. Meanwhile, Defense and M/I spending continues to climb...then when a Republican President takes office (check the facts) Reagan, Bush, et al...balloon the deficits (even doubling the tax on working people...thanks Ronny) and massively increasing the debt while giving their cronies no bid contracts and massive subsidies and tax breaks...after Halliburton rec'd so many contracts and breaks from GW they moved their corporate headquarters to Dubai...how very American of them.

Return to the policies we had in place under Bill Clinton...when we actually balanced the budget (albeit while still using SS trust fund monies) and left a surplus for the next Republican administration to blow on candy and toys...for the rich.

Can't we just have some grown ups voted into office?

I would actually rate Kevin Kline number 1...he created change, balanced the budget for the people, not for corporations.

Granted, these are fantasies...but much of the country seems to be living in lala land.

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