08 June 2012

Over Developed...and in danger

My least favourite catch phrase is "under developed" countries. Should they all become consumptive, wasteful and broken like this country? Built around the automobile, rather than people? Around consumption and competition rather than compassion and cooperation?
We need a paradigm shift away from toxic tech...and slave labor.

It's getting close to where a paradigm shift won't only be desirable, but it will become necessary. Either we prepare for it and make a smooth transition, or it tumbles down around us...and like Humpty-Dumpty, will never be put back together again...it will be painful, more like Kunstler's "World Made by Hand", than a well thought out, redesigned world.
We are butterflies in the chrysalis stage...we need to struggle to free ourselves, stretch and dry our wings...to fly off in beauty. It's the struggle that makes strong wings.

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