27 October 2012

The American Dream

Who exemplifies "The American Dream"?

Was it George W Bush who was born on third base and believed he hit a triple? Went on to throw our economy into a tailspin?

Is it Willard "Mitt" Romney who was born the son of a rich man, a politician...who drove Massachusetts into a tailspin? Who bought and sold workers as if they were chattel? Everything, anything for a buck?

Or is it a mixed race child who has experienced multi-culturism, suffered his mother's death at an early age...raised by a grandfather, veteran of WWII and a grandmother who hit the glass ceiling in her profession? A child who came of age and questioned his role in that time and that America? Who graduated from university and went on to get his advanced degree at Harvard and become the editor of the Harvard Law Review...and, though offered many high paying jobs, decided to work for the underprivileged...the ones who weren't born into entitlement such as Bush and Romney...

The American Dream personified is President Obama.

We should all be proud.

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