26 December 2014

Reflections in a Crystal Wind

As I reflect, especially this time of year...as the sun is just beginning its movement up from the lowest point it has achieved on the horizon...the solstice has passed, the days are getting longer...if not noticeably so yet.

Thanks to my old friend, bookend...who passed in 1966...motorcycle accident.  Too soon taken.

If I don't know where I'm going
Perhaps I'll wait beside the pathway 
When no one's coming, and count the questions 
I've turned away from, or closed my eyes to
Or had no time for, or passed right over 
Because the answers would shame my pride

I've heard them say the word forever
But I don't know if words have meaning
When they are promised in fear of losing 
What can't be borrowed, or lent in blindness
Or blessed by pageantry, or sold by preachers

~Paraphrased from Richard FariƱa, Reflections in a Crystal Wind

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