07 December 2014

We learn more from mistakes we, and others, make

Before we built the straw bale in 1994 we were traveling from here to Mexico...we went on a networking tour of the 'straw bale community' along the way, including Bill and Athena Steen (who were writing the quintessential book at the time)...each one we met with and saw their works I asked "what would you do differently", which to me is more important in a way than, "what did you do right"...in that way I got to take advantage of and correct each of their mistakes in building our straw bale. I still tell people who visit here and ooo and awww to remember to ask what I'd do differently...We learn from our, and others, mistakes...more than successes sometimes.

We got too big for the world

Kohr’s claim was that society’s problems were not caused by particular forms of social or economic organization, but by their size. Sociali...