02 January 2015


As a student of cultural anthropology, I loathe the loss of cultures and their being subsumed...assimilated. We don't even realize the detriment we do to our humanity as languages and cultures are lost. Abhorrent. I certainly do not celebrate or encourage it.

Species are being lost at an alarming rate because they can't "adapt" to massive deforestation, loss of habitat, pollution of waterways, acidification of oceans, Human caused changes in climate, extraction and exploitation of resources. Nothing to be proud of. Actually I am ashamed of my own species.

I've been off grid for over 3 decades. Fairly agrarian and simple. I, too, appreciate some technology. Our problem, as I see it, is our sheer numbers and our belief in geometric growth economies.

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The River

upstream from white sand beaches are hamlets, paddies and canyons bombshells unexploded, cratered land, cratered faces  mangled extremities...