22 August 2010

Still life with licuado

Spent yesterday at the widow's home, family and friends taping and placing plastic over windows, doors and anything not to be sprayed...and then sprayed stain over the cedar siding...repaired the deck and put some wind bracing in. After clean up we sat on the deck and chatted...looked over the lake. Her deceased husband's daughter was here in the morning with her family from Beijing. It was so good to see their shining, smiling faces and to hear of their lives. Nicole works for the IRC and has been busy with earthquakes and floods, Ning Li is a director and actor. He had a part in and was the assistant director for a series on CCTV called, "The Legend of Bruce Lee". They left early to visit grandma in North Dakota. 

Got a phone call early this morning from my daughter. Her step father died during the night. She was teary. The grandchildren didn't know yet, although he did stop over to say goodbye to them all two days ago, knowing he was failing. It's been expected for a long while and he has had a lot of pain...it was a blessing and a relief, while being very sad and heart wrenching. Bittersweet. He was younger than I am by two or three years. Cancer. 

It's going to be a hot one today. 90 and sunny. Headin' to father-in-law's lake place (where the pontoon is on a lift) shortly after noon. Then a get together on the beach at some friends' home, with visitors from afar. 

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