01 August 2010

Went to a wonderful gathering at some friends' place yesterday afternoon into the evening. What wonderful fresh fixin's from everyone's gardens. Quite the feast. Not to mention the desserts. I'm certain I ate two to three days worth of food.

Speaking of the gardens...my goodness. The hostess and host's gardens were incredible. Sincerely the nicest I've seen in a long while.

Really doesn't do the gardens the justice they deserve, but gives you an idea.

Many of the folks there were multi-generational connections to the area. The hostess runs the local sawmill. So interesting to speak to a WWII vet who still farms, is fit as a fiddle and speaks several languages from his travels in Europe during and after the war. An amazing font of knowledge on everything from machinery and general physics...to haute cuisine.

I enjoyed myself immensely. Such fine conversations.

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