17 December 2010

The Apparent Global Swing to the Right

Germany was one of the first to have a national health care system under Bismarck in the late 1800s.  It wasn't the health care system that created Hitler, it was WWI and the effects from it...and a global depression in the late 20s.  No society is immune from xenophobia, especially today...with so many wars and disruptions in the Middle East and refugees pouring into European (and North American/Australian) countries.  It is extremely common to pit one group of people against the other...for political gain.  The best way to unify humans is to create an enemy...the other.  We see it here in this country.  I hear it coming out of the mouths of the poor and middle class...they see money coming out of their checks and are told the bogey man is social welfare programs...and that the rich need more money so that 'jobs can be created'...the very jobs that were decimated by the uber wealthy's manipulation of monies and shipping of jobs out of the country...high unemployment can have that effect when the others are scapegoated.  Meanwhile, wars continue...the M/I complex and big pharma and for profit medicine (run by corporations, not the caregivers) get richer and richer.  Fuel crisis, Exxon needs to make more money.  Health crisis, the for profit health care system needs more money.  Terrorists...we need to fight them there, so they won't come here.  Illegal immigration...we need more money for border control and stiffer laws against the other...Drugs, killings...we need more money for the war on drugs...we need to give Mexico military aid...we need...we need.

Meanwhile, in the cigar smoke filled back rooms...the Daddy Warbucks are toasting each other and  laughing their asses off.  

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