30 December 2010

I have been watching CCTV News quite a bit lately. A broader world view that what we see on US News, more optimism and less vitriol. Fairly objective, as well...which is rare here.

I have a couple of friends who live and work in China. He's a Chinese citizen and she's a US citizen. They are doing rather well, have two girls...yes, they didn't kill them or put them up for adoption. China is on the move upward...their transportation systems and infrastructure are making ours seem antiquated and obsolete. They have many problems, mind you...but the people there (from what I understand) are more interested in having good garbage collectors and progress than they are with bickering back and forth between tweedle dee and tweedle dum in the houses of congress...paying lip service to the masses while accomplishing nothing except dividing our nation...and lining their pockets.

I also listen to World Radio Network (WRN) to broaden my scope of understanding.

The world no longer revolves around the US. We waste our treasure on senseless wars for the daddy warbucks and neglect business at home.

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