03 December 2010

The Child Nutrition Bill

Okay.  This is why I am a conservative in my daily life.  I have what I need, I can glean for myself.  Have for decades.  I'm not wanting.  I have a partner and a community of friends who are like minded, not politically, but naturally...our political statements are how we live our lives.  Simply but gracefully.  A can of beans?  Why, when dry beans don't contain all the packing salt, no can to dispose of and dried beans are a fraction of the cost.  Carry that into all my life.  I live in nature as a part of it, not apart from it.

Now, why some of my views are seen as liberal.  I understand urban areas.  I understand the plight and blight.  I grew up next to the projects.  The county hospital down the road.  Discarded needles littering the alleys, discarded whiskey bottles in vacant lots.  Brothers and sisters who each had separate fathers, none of whom they knew and a mother who sold herself to make the rent and get high.  The only options for learning was from their peers and from school.  There was no breakfast on the table, it was everyone fend for themselves...find what scraps you may.  There were no books in the project apartment...there was no place for a garden...what's a garden?  There were no deer or grouse running through the woods...there were no woods.  Nature was a pigeon or a rat.  The natural world and community was gangs.  Often times the only opportunity these children have, born into this mess through no fault of their own, is at school.  For sustenance in learning, for sustenance for the body.  The options for the future look pretty bleak to many of them, it's the rare exceptions who struggle through of their own volition (with the help of some mentors) and break free of the cycle...otherwise the choices are prison, gangs, drugs or the military (and endless wars).  Hell, there's not even a grocery store.  Taco stands, maybe...fast food restaurants for sure.  A dollar buys a burger.

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