18 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Cheryl sent out some cards recently...some were square.  The postmaster said that the square ones still went through the sorting machine fine, but for some unknown reason the postage was 20 cents more than rectangular envelopes.  What?

Cleaning and preparing the garage for the party tomorrow and getting some cooking done.  Since we have a couple of Israelis who keep kosher (as well as a number of vegetarians) I have to cook with an eye to that, as well.  I'm making gotas and pakoras with a couple of chutneys...falafels with tzatziki...and the tzatziki will be good with grilled chicken wings and skewers of slouvaki.  (spell check doesn't recognize these words)...doing a bison roast with peppers, onions and garlics for taco fixin's...corn tortillas, salsas and pineapple.  There'll be a veggie tray as well as the veggie pakoras...and a fruit tray.  Got 8 cheese pies from Holy Land bakery to make grilled pizzas.  Of course they'll have peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic and cheese...but I may make 4 of them with italian sausage...but then, there's plenty of meat, so maybe not.  I'm also making baked jalapeno poppers, stuffed with cream cheese, garlic, feta and romano cheeses...rolled in wheat flour first, then stuffed, then rolled in egg and then rolled in panko.  (another word not recognized...but heck, spell check didn't recognize romano...and when I spell like I normally do, esses instead of zees, or that extra u in flavor etc...spell check screams red at me)...

Others are bringing a finger food tray...it's to be a pot luck...but I can't count on that, and everything I mentioned will be good as leftovers.  

'Tis the season to be jolly.  

Santa has a lot of hoes.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

Be well, all.

Peace on Earth...and in whatever vision of heaven you may have.

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