18 December 2010

Can we find solutions?

I believe this country is going to tear itself up from within...there are 50 seemingly autonomous entities with disproportional representation.  Secession is being suggested from heads of states.  Out of the ashes has to come something.  How will it play out?  Haven't the foggiest.  I'm a pragmatist...just how do we get everyone's voices heard over the din of propaganda and corporate money?  Perhaps each state will eventually, in turn, elect to have parliamentary systems...or as Minnesota is going toward, instant run-off voting.  States can gerrymander their districts any way they wish...perhaps MN will eventually use proportional representation to select our 8 representatives to Congress.  Perhaps we will elect our governor through instant run off voting...perhaps, as many on the right wish to do, the USA will repeal the 17th amendment and a proportionally representative governor will appoint the senators.

We are in such a quagmire...and we've only begun to slog through the muck.  We need a different way of governance and a voice for all the people.  I would suggest term limits for Supreme Court Justices, as well.  They should be appointed (IMO) for no longer than the maximum length of a President's ability to serve...which is now set at 8 years.

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