09 December 2010

Beware the Marauders

Whenever any population of animal exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment there is a die off...quite rapidly in some cases.  It can be highly localized or a thinning of the entire general population...time will tell.

A collapse of infrastructure, the grid, food distribution, fuel distribution, etc, unless immediately restored will be catastrophic.  That is the environment in which many live and the skills they have learned to survive in that environment (starting the car, driving to a store, shopping for the food, filling their tanks with gas, turning the tap for water) will be of no further use.  In an extreme climate in the winter, there will be a massive die off from exposure, thirst, and hunger.  In an extreme climate in the summer there will be the same.  Perhaps in a temperate time, people can wander and pillage using the few tools that still work.  Guns and ammo.  Beware the marauders.

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